and stretches clear out to all the places it ends.....


Faery Tale Flavour Trolls and Space Monkeys, Introducing Arnald Paul

    Two Foot Small

        Sugar Horses Painted Red

             Grin and Bare It

                 Acoustic Neuroma


In another form, performed "Hands On You"

on "Preserved" - a tribute to the Raspberries

released on Ginger Records.




Still writing and recording in a home planet studio,

Arnald welcomes comparisons to many of his influences.

Syd Barrett, Robyn Hitchcock, Paul Roland,

Donovan, John Lennon, George Harrison,

Scott Miller, Tommy Keene, Rain Parade,

Plasticland, Three O'Clock, Big Star,

Byrds, Bevis Frond, Echo & the Bunnymen,

Kaleidoscope UK, & Fairfield Parlour

to name some of the many inspiriters.